Associated Registries


Registry Manager Gerd Holmström
Steering group Gerd Holmström, Ann Hellström, Peter Jakobson, 
Pia Lundgren, Kristina Tornqvist, Agneta Wallin
Address Ögonkliniken
Akademiska sjukhuset
SE-751 85 Uppsala

Prematurely-born infants have an increased risk of various ophthalmic problems. In the neonatal period they may develop retinopathy of prematurity – ROP, while later various visual dysfunctions may occur. ROP can lead to retinal detachment with visual impairment and blindness. Treatment with laser or cryo-ablation may arrest the disease if it is given at an adequate time. In later stages of ROP, vitreo-retinal surgery may be performed, but with a much worse prognosis for the visual outcome.

ROP is one of few causes of childhood blindness, which in many cases can be prevented. This requires regular eye examinations in the neonatal period by an experienced ophthalmologist, to identify severe ROP and to initiate treatment in due time.

A national register for ROP screening will be started in the beginning of the autumn 2006. The main aim is to secure the quality of ROP-screening, that is to find out if ROP screening is started at a correct time, if regular examinations are performed, if screening is stopped too early and if treatment is initiated at an adequate time. A national ROP registry will also make studies on incidence and natural history of ROP and indications for treatment, possible.

Standard reports to the ”users” will be provided continuously ”on line”. Further, yearly meetings with more detailed reports are planned.

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